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Sports and Recreation Center in Pustynia near Dębica began its activity in 1994, expanding the facilities of the sports club. Since then, football teams from all over Poland have visited us, but also from Romania, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Ukraine and Denmark.
    Our great advantage is the location only 800m from the A4 motorway exit (Dębica East), which allows access from Rzeszów in 20 minutes, and from Cracov in less than an hour. At the same time, we are in a relatively quiet area, away from the city center.

Resort aerial view

Every year, the base of the center is expanding with new facilities. Matches of the Podkarpackie Team against other voivodships take place on our pitches, and many senior and youth teams play sparring matches with us and conduct training sessions.
Our Center is ideally suited to the organization of various types of picnics, sports and recreational and cultural events. We've often organized events such as:
- Commune and poviat harvest festivals,
- Fire competition,
- Easter guard parade,
- Police tournaments,
- Referee tournaments,
- National and international tournaments for children and young people,
- Integration events for companies and institutions.

Resort parade

Another important advantage of the resort is the proximity of attractions that complement and make the time spent at the resort more enjoyable. Belong to them:
Swimming pools - DębicaIn Dębica, 5 km from us, there is a modern sports facility MOSIR DĘBICA, which often hosts athletes from all over Poland at the swimming championships taking place there. There are: several swimming pools, including Olympic, aquapark, saunas; as well as: a large indoor ice rink, tennis courts, training rooms, sports hall, entertainment halls. Regional museum - DębicaMilitary enthusiasts must visit the Regional Museum in Dębica, where there is, among others, the third largest collection of tanks, aircraft and combat vehicles in Poland from World War II. Spa - Latoszyn ZdrójOnly 10 km from us, in Latoszyn, is a modern spa commissioned in 2019. There is a sulphide pool there, you can also benefit from numerous treatments. Soon, a pump room, amphitheater and spa park will be available. Slavic city - StobiernaA few kilometers from us there is a replica of the Slavic fort from 1000 years ago. It is a very popular tourist attraction in this part of Poland, visited by thousands of tourists every year. You can see there how the Slavs lived in the Middle Ages. There are also organized activities for children and teenagers who spend their holidays in the area - you can shoot a bow or make a clay pot. Dinosaur Park - GłobikowaIn our commune we also have large dinosaurs that are located in Głobikowa. An additional attraction of this place is the high lookout tower from which you can easily see the Tatras. Tavern - ZawadaFor gourmets, we recommend a nineteenth-century inn, which is located only 4 km from us in Zawada. There you can try traditional cuisine and feel the old atmosphere.